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Direxiona services are extended in a number of locations across Cairo and Giza Governorates

Get your Driving ID

Direxiona allows you to pass the official test for getting a driving ID, after getting an intensive training on the hand of professionals instructor. The team can also inform you of all the needed documents, and prepare you for the practical test.

Book your driving classes

Driving classes hours are detected up on level whether you are a beginner or in an advanced level. Check Direxiona packages. The classes are given by the female driving instructors near to your area. Please you have to follow up the steps the instructor is giving to you to be safe.

Get Your New Car

Direxiona assists you to reach the nearest agent to you to buy a new car or a used car. We also brought to you the current prices of the available cars. You can contact us to know from you the car budget.

Car care and maintenance

Direxiona helps you in case you want a specialist to fix your car. We can tell you the nearest individuals and Car Care centres. Follow up our blog to get tips for you car.

What is Direxiona?

Direxiona is Egypt's first online platform that designed for each Egyptian girl to help her find her match with the nearest female driving instructors, based on time and location. The team is consisting a number of female driving instructors who are ready to accept your requests via our platform. Each user should create her own profile to request a driving package that suits her time, location and driving background. A timetable will be there to help you select primary schedule, then a member from Direxiona will contact you to confirm with you the name of the instructor, place and time.

  • What is Direxiona?
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      Our packages

      Direxiona Offers Four Packages

      L.E1090 /6 H
      Know the car main compenant
      Know to move the car with an instructor telling you the steps simply
      Know the direction, and using of the right and left flusher
      Know how to stick to you lane
      Know how to convert from a speed to another
      Know how to use car mirrors
      L.E1520 /8 H
      Know the direction, and using of the right and left flusher
      Know how to stick to you lane
      Know how to convert from a speed to another
      Know how to use car mirrors
      Practice in crowded streets
      Practice how to park proper
      L.E1800 /10 H
      The same of standrad Package Plus :
      Driving in tunnels
      L.E2040 /12 H
      Instead of 2400 L.E
      The same of premium Package Plus :
      Advanced parking training
      Recommended for beginners

      I'd like to thank Direxiona for helping become a better and more confident driver. Thanks for being very helpful, supportive and professional. Now I can drive my car safely. I wish you great success.

      Youssra El-Sharkawy


      Thank you Direxiona for your great efforts with me. I really appreciate your help and support to increase my self confidence to drive my car safely. Thank you Direxiona team for your honesty & Credibility

      Riham Mandour


      Our team

      Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership.

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      12 HRS For 2400 L.E
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