Our Services

Direxiona covers seven locations in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria

Get your Driving ID

Direxiona allows you to pass the official test for getting a driving ID, after getting an intensive training on the hand of professionals instructor. The team can also inform you of all the needed documents, and prepare you for the practical test.

Book your driving classes

Driving classes hours are detected up on level whether you are a beginner or in an advanced level. Check Direxiona packages. The classes are given by the female driving instructors near to your area. Please you have to follow up the steps the instructor is giving to you to be safe.

Get Your New Car

Direxiona assists you to reach the nearest agent to you to buy a new car or a used car. We also brought to you the current prices of the available cars. You can contact us to know from you the car budget.

Car care and maintenance

Direxiona helps you in case you want a specialist to fix your car. We can tell you the nearest individuals and Car Care centres. Follow up our blog to get tips for you car.